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Janet and Garry Glatz have worked with seriously troubled children for ten years. They began their career as surrogate parents in a group home for boys, then moved on to a special project house where they prepared troubled teens for independent living. Currently, Mr. and Mrs. Glatz are expecting a new foster child, one who will fully appreciate the wonders of a small farm complete with goats, cats and kittens, dogs, and lots of running room!

During the past ten years, both Glatz's have attended many workshops and trainings to hone their parenting skills, and have been guest speakers at more than a few. Between them, Janet and Garry have four birth children and five grandchildren.

Prior to entering social service work, both Glatz's were entrepreneurs, Garry with a retail establishment in So. China, Maine, and Janet with a chain of three video stores. They have brought the experience gleaned from those ventures to their newest: the transitional home described elsewhere on this site.