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    You may be the keeper of an empty nest, a former foster or adopted child who owes your life to some wonderful family who took you in and nurtured you, or you may have an overabundance of love to share. Whoever you are, the idea of a different kind of parenting has drawn you to this site. It is the first step toward realizing an ambitious goal.
    Your dream may be to transform a displaced child's life, and that may be a real possibility, but first you must be aware of the limitations and pitfalls that may face you, as well as the large network of assistance that exists to help you care for someone else's child, and possibly make that child your own.
    Today half a million children live outside their birth families, a number that is expected to double in the next ten years. These homes range from low income to wealthy, from barely schooled to highly educated. Motivation varies from purely economic to wholly altruistic. The sad truth is that the need for foster care and adoption of older children is so great that many kids are placed in families who are largely unprepared for the demands they will have to face.
    This site is dedicated to those of you who wish to help, but need resources. It consists of four pages, and I recommend that you visit all of them to learn all you can about this subject, and about myself, the creator of this particular resources, the author of Fostering or Adopting the Troubled Child, and the founder of Transitional Residences for At-Risk Children, Maine's newest transitional home for kids between programs. You will also find links to other sites that will help you even more. Good luck, and God bless. Should you wish to contact me with questions or comments, please email me at  
        Janet and Garry Glatz, Durham, Maine