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  TRANSITIONAL RESIDENCES FOR AT-RISK CHILDREN T.R.A.C.'s goal is to provide optimal care for children who are between placements, just out of hospital, or have recently been removed from their home of origin. With a staff including an on-call psychiatrist, LCSW, LSW/Case Manager, and child care workers committed to the children's welfare, T.R.A.C. is proud to become the newest of the transitional residences that exist in Maine today.
  Company Headquarters:
671 Lisbon Road
Lisbon Falls, Maine 04252



HOMELESS CHILDREN WILL SOON HAVE ANOTHER OPTION IN THE CENTRAL MAINE AREA. By the end of 1999, a new transitional home for children between the ages of nine and thirteen will be open in Lisbon Falls. The home will accommodate up to six children for a period of up to four months each.